Crowdfunding Resources – Alex Feldman, CEO and Founder,

Posted: November 8, 2012 in Crowdfunding Resources is a tool that allows people to find all the information they need to about crowdfunding platforms in one place. Alex Feldman, CEO and Founder, talks about‘s place in the industry.

Crowdfunding Campuses:  What is your stake in the crowdfunding industry? What role do you anticipate playing as a site that lists all the various portals?

AF: On top of listing all crowdfunding platforms we categorize them as well. We make it easier for people who are raising money to find the best platform for their need. With over 700 platforms globally it can be a nightmare finding and comparing them. We make it very easy to filter, sort and compare platforms.

Additionally to organizing the crowdfunding space we also let users review and read articles associated with the platforms.

Crowdfunding Campuses:  How do you monetize your business model? Ads? Subscriptions?

AF: We are currently not monetizing the website. We believe we are offering a valuable service to this industry. For the crowdfunding industry to exist services like CrowdsUnite need to be there to offer transparency to the platforms. Managing a website is costly so we do plan to offer advertisement in the future.

Crowdfunding Campuses: How does your rankings system work?

AF: Our ranking is based fully on the users. We do not get involved in the review process.

Crowdfunding Campuses: What role does your company play in the education arena & how can students take advantage of your site?

AF: Our website is open to everybody. It’s one resource for students to use when they need to raise money. Since students have a limited financial history going to a bank for a loan may be difficult. In crowdfunding we eliminate the middleman and let people give money directly to other people. So if students want to raise money either by equity, debt, reward or donation our website will show them which crowdfunding platforms are best suited for them.


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